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Increase Consumer Traffic With Video

Thanks to its viral nature 🔥, simple accessibility and built-in value, video marketing🎥 is an incredible way to create content that is personal and has a real impact on your audience😎.

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Increase Traffic and Boost Sales With Online Contests!

Do contests and product giveaways really do anything for your online business?  Will it just add to your spending costs or will it actually improve your bottom line?

One of the main goals of promotional contests and giveaways is to create that initial relationship with the user.   That first step of engagement is crucial.   Perhaps you have excess inventory that has been sitting on your shelves collecting dust.   Giving them away for free in contests and draws won’t make you any money at that particular moment.  But more importantly, it will give you valuable data which will lead to more business.

Contact information, age, gender, geographical location;  All of this information can be invaluable to your business.  In addition to that, you can now stay permanently connected to that potential customer using social media.  “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter for an additional contest entry” for example.


Here are some of the different contest structures you can use:


Social Media Sweepstakes – entrants can enter the contest through social media posts through FaceBook or Twitter.  (more on Facebook contest tips:

Purchase Required – entrants are automatically entered into a draw upon purchase of a product.

User-generated content – entrants must submit their best photo, idea, or answer, to be eligible to win

Simple E-mail entry – entrants must submit their email address to be eligible to win.


Once you have a healthy list from your contest entries, use that information to your full advantage.  Promote your website, new products, company blog, and YouTube channels. Online giveaways are a great way to reward loyal customers, create more engagement from existing customers, increase brand awareness online, and gain new customers.

Online giveaways are a great way to reward loyal customers, create more engagement from existing customers, increase brand awareness online, and gain new customers.   Start giving, and you will start receiving.


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How to Generate Traffic Without Google

Businesses often suffer collateral damage
as a result of a Google algorithm update. It’s happened before, and it will
happen again.  If you don’t have the
budget to hire an experienced SEO professional to stay on top of these
occurrences, then you need to take some alternative action. 

Are there
other ways to generate traffic and boost a website’s online presence without
relying solely on Google?  Yes.
There are
a few things you can do as insurance against these circumstances that are beyond
your control.


1. Comment
on Blogs and Forums Frequently.

There are Blogs and Forums on practically every
topic and niche out there.  Visit the
ones that relate to your business or cause, and post relative comments. 
The purpose of
commenting isn’t just to drop a link. 
Instead, it’s to add value to the conversation and to grow your network.
Avoid using creative screen names and use your real name as the commenter instead.  Readers are more likely to click through to
learn more about you.  If you have
content on your own site related to the post, use that URL as a link rather
than your home page URL.


2. Create your Own
Content to List on Content Aggregators

If you have a new blog or website and haven’t
established any trust or authority with the search engines yet, getting your
content listed on popular content aggregators will be a big help.  Content aggregators usually have their own
set of submission rules, so be sure to follow them or they wont accept your
sure the content is original, useful, and high-quality.  Don’t make it purely self-promotional.


Newsletters and email lists.

No matter what changes Google makes, they can
never affect your prime source of contact with your users.  E-mail lists.  They may seem like an old-fashioned way of
marketing to some, but is it really? 
E-mails are totally independent from search engine ranking, and is the
most direct way (aside from a phone call) to reach out to your readers.  
Make sure
your site has a widget or feature where new visitors can sign up for
newsletters and email updates.  It’s a
great way to keep your audience interested, and needless to say – a very cost
effective method.



Social Media

Staying active and frequently participating on social
media sites can take your content viral.  
The more shares you get, the more people are knowing about your blog
which can increase your reader base.  With There are 2.3 billion active social media
users out there, so to not take advantage of this powerful marketing tool would
be downright silly.    

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Increase Website Traffic With Better Marketing Images

A picture says a thousand words. But, a good picture says the right words, and thousands more.


We, as humans, are visual beings, which explains why we’re so attracted to photographs. Photography (or images in general) is an integral part of marketing your business or brand.Good quality images will help achieve your marketing objectives and play an enormous role in whether or not you have captured your audience’s attention. This is even more crucial when it comes to product photos.


Would you buy something online if you couldn’t clearly see it?


Photos that are blurry or pixelated will give the impression of an unprofessional business or a low quality product.  But, high quality, professional images on a company’s website give the impression of a reputable, professional business.  If you don’t have a good camera to take the photos yourself, you can find thousands of high resolution images related to your business on “stock photo” websites such as Shutterstock.

Another important aspect to consider is whether the images you’re using are relevant to your brand and business.  Even if you have a good, high quality image, would a photo of a cute dog with shopping bags be good for a business selling a brand of chocolate?  Of course not.  But, would that same image work for a pet shop? Absolutely.

Adding irrelevant photos just for the sake of filling space will not do you any good. You have to decide exactly what types of photos you want, and what they will add to your website and your marketing materials. Always make sure that the images you choose will add real value to your company’s message.

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