Our Video Production Room Is On It’s Way!

Our Video Production room is well on its way
and will be ready very soon! In our first ever vlog, watch as Vice President of
TheBestMedia.com, Roberto Pacinelli, takes you through the earliest stage of
our upcoming Video Production room.

Stay tuned for the finished result and even
more vlogs!


Watch The Best Media Buy Toys for The SickKids Hospital!

Just as we promised, The Best Media has bought hundreds of toys on behalf of all the attendees of our Meet & Greet 2017: Sick Kids Toy Drive. 

We would like to thank everyone again for attending and we are happy to confirm that we reached our goal of $10,000 in toy donations! We would also like to thank TOYS R US for being a part of this incredible event. 


Why Your Website MUST have a Mobile Responsive Design

A few years ago, having a mobile responsive design for your website was considered a “benefit”, but not a necessity. Things are clearly quite different now.

Optimal “user experience” (sometimes abbreviated as UX) is what it’s all about today.  You want to create the best experience possible for your visitors, regardless if it’s from a desktop PC, a smartphone, or other digital device.   
Internet usage with mobile devices and tablets far exceed desktop users.   It’s estimated that by 2019, mobile users will surpass the 5 billion mark.  Therefore, having a mobile friendly website only makes sense.  Without it, you are limiting access to your potential customers.  
It has come to the point where consumers are “expecting” a website that is mobile friendly.   Have you ever visited a non-mobile friendly website from your smartphone or tablet?  With the majority of the page going off the screen….scrolling, zooming out, zooming in, etc.  A frustrating mobile experience will likely create a negative experience and a negative image of your company.  It’s a horrible user experience and visitors would just leave rather than to deal with that.   
Having a responsive web design would be the most ideal way to go.  This enables your website to automatically adjust to any device or computer seamlessly.  In addition, it eliminated the cost and time invested when having to update or make changes to two sites (the desktop version and the mobile version.)
Google has been known to favour sites that have responsive design, so ranking and search results typically improve when a responsive design is present. In fact, a Google update that happened on April 21 penalized websites that were not mobile friendly and decreased their rankings and mobile search results.
For more great tips on mobile-friendly websites and how to improve your visitors user experience, click here 

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Donation Day at Toronto SickKids Hospital !

The day we’ve all been waiting for! The Best Media marketing team delivered the $10,000 worth of books and toys that was raised from the overwhelming support of our clients and friends who attended the Meet and Greet Toy Drive.   
Needless to say, the SickKids staff were extremely grateful for the donations.  It was a gratifying experience to bring smiles to these children’s faces and look forward to next year’s toy drive. 

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Google Now Offering Real-Time Search Data for News, Images and Video

Knowing What Internet Users Search For Is Invaluable Information For Businesses.
Google Trends is a tool that provides exactly that. It gives you a snapshot of what has been trending online going back several years, and more importantly it tells you what’s currently trending (which is far more useful). If you’ve never used Google Trends, you are missing out on a powerful and free tool.
When Google Trends was first introduced back in 2008, it actually wasn’t all that great. However, since then, Google has added additional functionality that helps businesses make better decisions and create better content that’s more interesting for readers. It now offers even more of its real-time data to include news, images, video and shopping results. It provides a ton of insight into what the world is paying attention to.
Another very useful tool is Google Correlate, which is a sub-tool of Google Trends that was introduced in 2011. This actually works in the opposite way. It finds search patterns that correspond to real world events. The pattern generates the keywords rather than the keywords generating the pattern. This is particularly useful for doing buyer behaviour analysis and creating blog topics more effectively.
Looking for more information on Internet marketing? Click here.

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How to Gain More Leads for Your Business

Gaining new business leads can be challenging.  In today’s digital world, the best way to reach potential customers effectively would be online, of course.  However, not everyone has the time to commit.

Search Engine Optimization techniques are extremely effective (and frankly necessary) in creating a bigger online presence and reaching those potential leads.  Results will not happen overnight, so it will require some patience.
The good news is that once all of the initial leg work is done, the end result makes it all worth the wait.
If you’re looking for a quick fix with faster results, the better option would probably be to invest into some advertising like Google AdWords.  Although there is still some SEO involved with that option – such as targeting the right keywords for your ads, this route will guarantee instant exposure.  The problem with AdWords is that once you stop paying for the Ad service, the exposure for your business along with any potential future leads will stop just as quickly.  It would need to be an on-ongoing expense, literally costing you money for each “click”.
Search engine optimization involves much more.  Yes, there is still a cost associated with SEO services, but the benefits of using a digital marketing expert outweigh traditional pay-per-click ads.  For starters, it helps to build your businesses reputation and builds trust – which is crucial when trying to attain more business and new leads.  
Anyone with an AdWords account can advertise a product or service – regardless if they have a good business reputation or not.  
A business that has had SEO work done by a professional digital marketing agency will have social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in place (and linked to one another.)  Articles, blog posting, press releases, reviews, comment posting, likes, and shares, all play a factor in creating an SEO framework and a solid online reputation. When a business has all of these, it speaks volumes as compared to a business that only has a Google Ad and a website. 
Are you ready to bring in more leads for your business?   Contact the Toronto digital marketing experts at TheBestMedia.com today.

Free Online Tools to Improve Your Website Ranking

Search Engine Optimization can become costly depending on how much work is needed to get your sites ranking up to par.  Thankfully, there are some free tools that you can use to help “clean up” your website and boost your websites ranking.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, we can use all the help we can get.  Particularly if you are doing most of the legwork yourself and don’t have a lot of money to invest to hire a professional SEO expert.

Here are a few of the suggestions that will help you monitor, and tweek your website to be as “SEO friendly” as possible.

1. Broken Link Detector – This helpful tool by Ninja Internet Marketers will scan through your website and highlight errors such as broken internal or external links.  Broken links are not good for your rankings, so be sure you don’t have any on your website

2. Trunk.ly is a simple application from BinaryPlex.  It works in conjunction
with your Twitter account and will display a timeline of the links you (or your
friends) have tweeted.  This helps to measure the impact a particular twitter account has on clicks/rankings

3. Google’s PageSpeed Insights –  It’s a well know fact that page speed directly
affects your search engine rankings in Google. Simply by entering a URL, this tool will test the loading time and performance of your website for both desktop and mobile, and identify opportunities to improve

4. Browseo – This tool will display your website to you the way search spiders see it.  This can be helpful to see the hierarchy you’ve given to particular elements on your website so you can make changes accordingly if needed.

5. SimilarWeb – Interested to see how you measure up to your competitors? This clever tool compares traffic between two websites.

6. Keywordtool.io – This keyword tool will provide you new keyword alternatives and suggestions based on a single keyword that you provide.

7. Google Keyword Planner – By entering in keywords, this tool will return helpful stats to guide your keyword strategy including monthly search volume, competition, and even suggests terms you may not have considered.

8. QuickSprout Website Analyzer –This will give you a complete analysis on just about everything including SEO optimization, social media, internal/external links, speed, tags, keywords, and competitor comparisons.

Need to increase sales and attract more leads?  Looking for an SEO expert to help you? Contact the professionals at TheBestMedia.com.

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