How To Trigger The Right Emotions When Branding

Most Of The Population Is Unaware Of Emotional Branding Even Though They Experience It On A Daily Basis. It’s Important To Know About This Form Of Branding, And How Your Business Can Benefit From It.


Emotional branding is a marketing term that refers to the practice of building brands that appeal directly to a consumer’s emotional state, needs, and aspirations, and this helps build emotional connections with your brand. Emotional branding is less about having a fancy logo, and more about striking a chord with customers on a personal basis.

The last thing you want to do is induce a negative emotion in your customers. The experience of feeling negative emotions such as rage, frustration, guilt, uneasiness and fear can have very negative effects, and ultimately damage your marketing efforts.


Here Are Some Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind For Creating Positive Emotions When Branding:


Don’t Over-complicate Things – Keep it simple. Don’t over-complicate or clutter things with unnecessary colours, text or graphics. Instead, focus on a single idea and deliver it in an effective manner using a clean, focused approach.

Use Happy Colours – Avoid using dull and grim palettes. Instead, use bright and vibrant colours that are pleasing to the eye. Light shades of yellow and soothing shades of blue induce happy emotions. Fluorescent colours are actually too colourful and tend to strain the eyes. Finding the happy medium is the key.

Consider Cultural Connotations – In a multicultural world, working with symbols and colours that depict different meanings in different cultures can become complicated. Take note of the images and wording that you are using, and pay attention to where you are using them or bad things can happen. A good example would be the thumbs-up gesture. To North Americans, it’s a symbol of acceptance or approval. But, in the Middle East, giving a thumbs-up could very well get you killed.

Focus on the Customer’s Experience – Start to focus a little less on your product and more on your customers’ experience in your marketing campaigns. Don’t just blatantly advertise the product’s strengths. Try to encourage people to mentally align with your brand on an emotional level.

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Our Video Production Room Is On It’s Way!

Our Video Production room is well on its way
and will be ready very soon! In our first ever vlog, watch as Vice President of, Roberto Pacinelli, takes you through the earliest stage of
our upcoming Video Production room.

Stay tuned for the finished result and even
more vlogs!

Watch The Best Media Buy Toys for The SickKids Hospital!

Just as we promised, The Best Media has bought hundreds of toys on behalf of all the attendees of our Meet & Greet 2017: Sick Kids Toy Drive. 

We would like to thank everyone again for attending and we are happy to confirm that we reached our goal of $10,000 in toy donations! We would also like to thank TOYS R US for being a part of this incredible event.

Donation Day at Toronto SickKids Hospital !

The day we’ve all been waiting for! The Best Media marketing team delivered the $10,000 worth of books and toys that was raised from the overwhelming support of our clients and friends who attended the Meet and Greet Toy Drive.   
Needless to say, the SickKids staff were extremely grateful for the donations.  It was a gratifying experience to bring smiles to these children’s faces and look forward to next year’s toy drive.

Google Now Offering Real-Time Search Data for News, Images and Video

Knowing What Internet Users Search For Is Invaluable Information For Businesses.
Google Trends is a tool that provides exactly that. It gives you a snapshot of what has been trending online going back several years, and more importantly it tells you what’s currently trending (which is far more useful). If you’ve never used Google Trends, you are missing out on a powerful and free tool.
When Google Trends was first introduced back in 2008, it actually wasn’t all that great. However, since then, Google has added additional functionality that helps businesses make better decisions and create better content that’s more interesting for readers. It now offers even more of its real-time data to include news, images, video and shopping results. It provides a ton of insight into what the world is paying attention to.
Another very useful tool is Google Correlate, which is a sub-tool of Google Trends that was introduced in 2011. This actually works in the opposite way. It finds search patterns that correspond to real world events. The pattern generates the keywords rather than the keywords generating the pattern. This is particularly useful for doing buyer behaviour analysis and creating blog topics more effectively.
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How to Gain More Leads for Your Business

Gaining new business leads can be challenging.  In today’s digital world, the best way to reach potential customers effectively would be online, of course.  However, not everyone has the time to commit.

Search Engine Optimization techniques are extremely effective (and frankly necessary) in creating a bigger online presence and reaching those potential leads.  Results will not happen overnight, so it will require some patience.
The good news is that once all of the initial leg work is done, the end result makes it all worth the wait.
If you’re looking for a quick fix with faster results, the better option would probably be to invest into some advertising like Google AdWords.  Although there is still some SEO involved with that option – such as targeting the right keywords for your ads, this route will guarantee instant exposure.  The problem with AdWords is that once you stop paying for the Ad service, the exposure for your business along with any potential future leads will stop just as quickly.  It would need to be an on-ongoing expense, literally costing you money for each “click”.
Search engine optimization involves much more.  Yes, there is still a cost associated with SEO services, but the benefits of using a digital marketing expert outweigh traditional pay-per-click ads.  For starters, it helps to build your businesses reputation and builds trust – which is crucial when trying to attain more business and new leads.  
Anyone with an AdWords account can advertise a product or service – regardless if they have a good business reputation or not.  
A business that has had SEO work done by a professional digital marketing agency will have social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in place (and linked to one another.)  Articles, blog posting, press releases, reviews, comment posting, likes, and shares, all play a factor in creating an SEO framework and a solid online reputation. When a business has all of these, it speaks volumes as compared to a business that only has a Google Ad and a website. 
Are you ready to bring in more leads for your business?   Contact the Toronto digital marketing experts at today.

Only 2 Days Left To RSVP!

The Toronto Sick Kids Meet and Greet event is only 2 days away.  If you haven’t already RSVP’d, time is running out.  RSVP now!
To RSVP now, email, or you can click here.
The Best Media will be donating a toy to Sick Kids Hospital for every person that attends. There’s no need to bring anything, as this is a free event. You DO need to ensure that you RSVP in order to guarantee a donation to Sick Kids Hospital on your behalf.
Two door prizes will be up for grabs – an iPad, and $5000 in digital marketing services. Food and drinks will be supplied by Sanremo Bakery.
Event Details
Date: Thursday Nov 23, 2017
Time: 12pm-8pm
Location: 701 Evans Ave – Suite 110, Toronto Ontario