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Is Your Business Visible in Google Search Results?

With Today’s Fierce Competition In The Internet World, It’s Becoming Increasingly Difficult For Businesses To Stay Visible And Rank Well In Search Engine Results.

Things were a lot simpler when the only social media platform was Myspace. But today, with a wide variety of social media websites and apps available, social media marketing has become much more complicated and time-consuming. Businesses have either had to hire full-time employees, or have worked with an SEO agency to take on the task.

Many businesses still don’t understand the need to hire a search engine optimization expert, or agency. So what exactly can an SEO agency do for your business? Here are just a few points worth mentioning.

Essentially, an SEO professional provides targeted leads, and ultimately drives more sales for your business by using a variety of current SEO techniques.

Starting at the design stage of a website, they ensure that your website is search engine friendly by using the proper targeted keywords related to your business, and ensuring they appear in the right places. They also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, which is crucial considering today’s increase in mobile Internet use.

With the use of keywords, social media sites, and blogs, they provide enhanced search engine rankings to amplify your website’s traffic using the most up-to-date SEO techniques

These SEO techniques are no longer considered just beneficial, but rather, necessary in order to stay afloat in today’s business world. Every business should be aiming to show up on Google’s first few pages of search results related to their field of business. Internet users typically don’t go past the third page when searching for something, so if your business is not within these first few pages, it will get buried in the shuffle. 

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Google Adwords vs SEO. Which Option Packs a Better Punch?

So which is the better option for increasing sales and bringing in new leads for your business?  Google AdWords or Search Engine Optimization?

Google Adwords is a paid service and is an essential part of many online marketing campaigns.  ‘Pay Per Click’, is by far the most effective means of acquiring potential customers.  In addition, it’s an “instant” solution.  Once you’ve created your AdWords campaign, it’s ready to go and becomes live in seconds.    

It’s also important to note that Google Adwords are specific to Googles search results only.  So they would not be seen by Yahoo or Bing search engine users – one of the downfalls of AdWords.  Another downfall is that once you stop your AdWords campaign, traffic will also stop.

With AdWords you can target many keywords at the same time and is limited only to how much you’re willing to spend.  While SEO on the other hand, generally focuses on fewer keywords, but at little to no cost.

SEO on the other hand, does not involve “paying per click”.  Results are not “instant”.  Rather, it evolves over time with the proper SEO steps and techniques.  SEO will give your website better rankings in the search engine results pages of not only Google, but also Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines.    Once you start getting organic traffic using SEO, it will continue in the long term and doesn’t just “disappear” like Google AdWords

The fact of the matter is that there are benefits to both SEO and Google Adwords.  So a healthy combination of both would be ideal.  Rank on as many keywords as you can using Search Engine Optimization.  For those keywords you’re having a hard time ranking on, consider paying for it with Google Adwords.

Google Now Offering Real-Time Search Data for News, Images and Video

Knowing What Internet Users Search For Is Invaluable Information For Businesses.
Google Trends is a tool that provides exactly that. It gives you a snapshot of what has been trending online going back several years, and more importantly it tells you what’s currently trending (which is far more useful). If you’ve never used Google Trends, you are missing out on a powerful and free tool.
When Google Trends was first introduced back in 2008, it actually wasn’t all that great. However, since then, Google has added additional functionality that helps businesses make better decisions and create better content that’s more interesting for readers. It now offers even more of its real-time data to include news, images, video and shopping results. It provides a ton of insight into what the world is paying attention to.
Another very useful tool is Google Correlate, which is a sub-tool of Google Trends that was introduced in 2011. This actually works in the opposite way. It finds search patterns that correspond to real world events. The pattern generates the keywords rather than the keywords generating the pattern. This is particularly useful for doing buyer behaviour analysis and creating blog topics more effectively.
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Get Direct Bookings Online Using Your Google My Business Pages

Google My Business (GMB) Just Got An Upgrade, And Is Now Offering Direct Online Bookings.

Google will be implementing their new online booking button to appear on Google business listings. This is a huge advantage to both businesses and consumers. For consumers, it improves their user experience by making it easier to book an appointment in less than a minute. For business owners, it will attract more customers and help drive more sales.

Learning how to set up your direct booking button is fairly straightforward. It’s possible that a booking button has already been placed on your GMB listing if you already have an account with a supported booking provider. In any case, check your listing first to ensure you don’t already have a booking button appearing on your listing.

If You Don’t Find A Booking Button On Your GMB Listing, Then You Will Have To Create An Account From One Of The Following Supported Service Providers:

Full Slate
Supersalon software

Once you’ve signed up with one of the supported service providers above, your booking button will appear within a couple of days on your GMB listing.

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