Here are the 5 Best SEO Tips That You Need to Know for 2017

Google changes their algorithm constantly, keeping everybody in the SEO world on their toes.  SEO techniques that worked several years ago may not play much of a role today.  With new technology becoming popular such as like virtual assistants, Google’s search algorithms will surely continue to change.  

Perhaps one of the biggest changes over the last couple of years, is the massive increase in the use of mobility devices.  There are more people today accessing the internet with mobile devices than with a desktop PC.  As a result, Google has changed their ranking signals, giving more weight to websites that are mobile-friendly.  This is just the beginning.

It’s all about achieving an optimal user experience.  Slow websites are frustrating because nobody likes to wait.  Reading a poorly-written article that lacks any legitimate message is annoying.  Websites that are not mobile-friendly    are difficult to view on a mobile device.  These are the types of things that Google tries to remedy with new Algorithms.

Follow these helpful tips in optimizing your website and online presence:

1. Build a strong presence in Social Media.  Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, make your posts interesting and fun, and don’t just jibber jabber.  Post frequently but don’t over-do it where it becomes annoying to your friends and followers.

2. Be mobile-friendly.  Mobility is King today, so make sure your website or blog is mobile friendly.  There’s nothing more annoying than trying to view a website on your phone, and doesn’t fit on your screen.

3. Turbocharge your website.  Google doesn’t like slow websites and neither do users.  Make sure your site loads fast.  If it’s slow and lags, consider optimizing your images or changing servers.

4. Build quality links.  Link building is not what it used to be.  It’s no longer how many links you have – it’s how good (in quality) are those links?  Don’t just exchange with anyone.  Ensure that it’s relevant to your website and it’s contents.

5. Switch your website from HTTP: to HTTPS: – Google favors websites that us SSL.  Secure sites are indeed the way to go.  Once again – in the name of user experience.  Secure sites have extra layers of security, preventing hackers from doing what they do 

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