The Best Keyword Selection Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Internet marketing can be a bit challenging, particulary to those who are new to the online marketing world. Before you start brainstorming those genius marketing ideas of yours, the first step you need to take is determine what keywords you’re targeting for your campaign. Of course, this would vary from case to case depending on factors such as niche, product, location, and the ultimate goal in mind. You need to know what’s best for your website or business.
Using proper keywords will have a direct affect on whether or not you will be reaching your targeting audience. Keyword selection should in fact be done during the design phase of your website because these keywords need to be used accordingly throughout your site. 
The following list are keyword selection tools to help narrow down your search. Have a list of possible keywords that relate to your business, product and website prior to using these tools. Once you’ve done that, you can fine-tune or edit your list as needed. Typically you want to select related keywords that are highly searched by internet users. That’s where these keyword selection tools come in: 

1. Google Keyword Planner
Google is the search king, so it’s not surprising that this is the most popular of the bunch. It’s a free program, but you need to have a Google AdWords account to use it. It produces helpful stats like monthly searches, competition level, and the average cost per click for each keyword. Another helpful feature is that is suggests tons of synonyms and variations.
2. Yoast Suggests
Yoast Suggests is ideal for long tail keywords. It starts with information from Google Suggest and then provides keywords with expansions for you to consider. They are alphabetically listed for easy scanning.
3. Moz – Keyword Explorer
“Keyword Explorer” (or KWE) is another great tool that takes users through the keyword search process. It offers 6 custom filters for keyword expansion and SERP analysis, and also has import/export functions. With this tool, you are given only 2 free searches daily. Anything more than that requires you to have a Moz Pro account, and comes at a cost starting at $600/year. It’s not cheap, but Moz claims it has 95% volume accuracy.
Once you’ve established your keywords, you’re ready to go. Start writing those blogs and pump those Google AdWords campaigns!!

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